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  1. I thing we are going to ditch Periscope and stuck with Facebook, what do you guys think?

  2. Guys share this on your timeline

  3. Great idea Tony because you have to download periscope to view, which I don’t want to, and now it’s more accessible! 🙂

  4. I’m Personally not a periscope person

  5. Okeydokey so from now on we do FB instead, we probably need a phone with a better camera

  6. Isn’t this already an iPhone?

  7. We use Marisol’s phone so she won’t text during Wer1 lol

  8. Yes it’s a 5s we should probably get a 6 or a Samsung S7

  9. Why not an iPad ?

  10. I don’t text! I take pictures and share them usually though! 😛 Haha!

  11. Cause the resolution of the camera is better on iphone

  12. Christina Slavin

    I’m watching from home you guys and it’s pretty clear!

  13. I see it a bit blurry but maybe is my IPad Air

  14. But we hooked sound from the mixer to the phone

  15. Do we post prayer request here from now on?

  16. Yes I think so, because Facebook keeps the video and the chat

  17. Hey Linda Pires miss u

  18. Linda is an awesome worship leader from Edmonton

  19. Linda Eva Pires

    We sung this last night at Resurgence! So good!

  20. Where’s the list of the 20 viewers? Is it available ?

  21. Mine is a little blurry and I’m on a macbook, writing a lesson plan ahaha for my stage

  22. 20 is the Live viewers but there was a lot of people that looked maybe more than 100 by now

  23. Why is the key changing often?

  24. Like the sound distorts it, and it changes key…

  25. On Periscope this morning we had 57 on the English and 26 on French

  26. The sound is perfect on my iPad no distortion

  27. Maybe Ben is off key lol

  28. It keeps distorting.

  29. It just distorted three keys up and then back down…

  30. Now it’s going low… LOL

  31. LOL he sounds like a chipmunk

  32. I don’t hear any key changes or distortions at all

  33. I tested on iPad, iPhone and MAcBook and no distortion on my end maybe is your internet connection

  34. I think you might need to surrender your computer

  35. Try it on your phone Marisol

  36. LOL! Scott!

  37. Lol

  38. Ahah

  39. Marisol’s phone needs prayer!

  40. ???????

  41. Denver Thompson


  42. ? Breath on us Oh God!

  43. Let the anointing cover the chat room

  44. Karine Morissette

    Fill us with your love Holy Spirit !!!

  45. Thank you Jesus

  46. ❤️

  47. Hey Gordon we pray for great success in your trip to Mistissini

  48. I pray for Rui Furtado for a great blessing over your life

  49. Thank you for your prayers pastor!!!

  50. I bless Pastor Martinez and declare the Glory of God over your life and Ministry

  51. I bless Barry Maracle and declare a season of Open Doors over your life and ministry

  52. I am Loved!!!!???

  53. I bless Sandrinha with the favor of God over your life

  54. It’s alllllll about His LOVE???

  55. So true!!!

  56. Hope faith and love !!!

  57. Amen

  58. Yeeeeesssss

  59. I will love him till the end of until my eyes closed up on me ,I will tell the world that he is mine sharing his flame eternally love you jesus

  60. Happy BD Chels!

  61. Happy Birthday again Chelsey?????????

  62. This is awesome!!!

  63. Gotta love the Passion Centre and WeR1

  64. You go Chels! <3

  65. HBD Chels! ?

  66. Ben thank you so much for sharing, I hope you continue to post on sundays

  67. Jazib Randhawa

    Blessed! <3

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