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  1. Gail Mueller-Roloson

    Ontario Canada here

  2. Awesome worship

  3. Praise the Lord….Prescott,Ontario Worships with you!

  4. Rockin

  5. Morton Jaquays

    Sing it, bro! With a weapon like that, darkness is going to put its tail between it’s legs and run like blazes!!

  6. I was hoping to be there with you guys, hopefully next time!?

  7. Thanks for invite Barry

  8. My favourite worship song

  9. Tha Hawks lookin good bro ?

  10. ??????

  11. Yes freedom in Jesus name ❤️

  12. Michel Chevalier

    Watching from Guadeloupe!!!

  13. God bless you all! Have a wonderful & blessed week!??

  14. Robert Stevens

    Good evening from Gimli Mb

  15. Blessings from Westlock, Alberta.

  16. Yes release the breaker anointing in Jesus name. Hallelujah

  17. Vonda Holmes-Waldram

    Hello!!!Yes we are free indeed!!

  18. Yessss???

  19. You must be Gords son, eh Ben?

  20. Yes Jesus is everything well ever need. Break through in Jesus name tonight ❤️

  21. Praise the lord brother in Christ . Please brother pray for my finance and own house and ministry every breakthrough comes from jesus.

  22. We thamk you lord for all blessing.

  23. Please pray sister Marlene Gregory for her spirituality prosperity good health and safety and finance.

  24. Pray for Sister Desiree Courtney for divine health prosperity and victory over her life and blessings with abundant blessing and prosperity and victory over her life and her daughters their prosperity golden future and victory


  26. Loving this worship ❤️❤️❤️

  27. Therese Rainear

    Blessings from the Ottawa Valley

  28. Yessssssssss rise up ???

  29. Anointed worship and Barry Maracle. More Papa God.

  30. Halleluyah guys

  31. ?????

  32. Adelaide Doyle

    God flow all over you guys!! 🙂

  33. Diana Johnston

    Awesome worship

  34. Therese Rainear


  35. Dérick Léveillé

    I have hockey tonight but I’m tuning in until I get on the ice !!

  36. Jackie Crispin


  37. Carmine Guerrera

    Hallelujah Jesus! ???❤❤❤

  38. Rita Gayle Gauthier- Boakes

    Yes yes

  39. I recieved the miracle today

  40. Please pray for my finance and own house and ministry.

  41. Margret Fayez

    God bless you all.

  42. Carole Comtois

    Thank you for sharing this message that God as put in his ❤️ . Be blessed in the mighty name of JÉSUS. AMEN !

  43. Carmine Guerrera


  44. Jackie Crispin

    yes i am willing

  45. Carole Comtois

    Power, Love, Sound Mind of JÉSUS .???????

  46. Carmine Guerrera

    Yessssssssssssssssss Lord Jesus! Hallelujah! GLORRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRY to DADDY GOD! ❤ ? ? ?

  47. Carole Comtois

    My light ?shine for you JÉSUS. My Father in the beautiful name of your son JÉSUS, Who is in the heavens : Your name must at once be made Holy : Your kingdom must now come : Your will must be done right now, as in heaven also on Earth. HOLY ! HOLY ! HOLY is our GOD !

  48. Miriam Viscarra

    Great preaching ??????

  49. Miriam Viscarra

    Great music, love it ❤️❤️?

  50. Nadia Volpatti

    Barry is awesome!!!

  51. Papa is Awesome! Barry is obedient. Love you Brother Bear!

  52. Barry will be in Westlock, Alberta March 31st, April 1st & 2nd.

  53. If you look closely very closely , you can see the
    Holy Spirit , moving around this Holy Place
    Healing Restoring & Building Up of
    Gods Children !!!
    Wow ! How Great is Our
    GOD !!!

  54. I can’t wait to come back.. I love you guys so much. God is too good ❤️

  55. Thank You JESUS, Blessed is Your Name✝

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