Month: April 2017

The Warships of Worship and Tactical Praise

By Ben Johnston,

Recently while in prayer I heard a very clear vision where I heard a sound in the spirit of an air raid siren for bomb warnings, afterwards I heard “the warships of worship are being released.” I saw a fleet of many ships being sent out representing many nations and many sounds and as they released the sound of praise missles were released into the air. I saw the kings of the earth and the world systems running for cover!
There is a sound coming forth from the people of God in this season and it’s a sound of praise and victory! For too long the church has allowed their voice to be silent but no longer will they be silent for the day of the Lord is coming! There is an urgency in the spirit for the global church of God to come together and release the sound of praise that will spark end time moves of God all over the earth! The sound will execute the judgements of God against anything that seeks to exalt itself against His kingdom. Many high places in the earth will be shaken as controlling demonic forces will be obliterated by the sound of praise. The heirs of Christ are rising in the earth, who understand that when they release their praise into God, judgement against the enemy and the kingdom of darkness is executed and the earth is shaken! It’s time to let God arise and His enemies be scattered! (Psalms 68:1)
Tactical Praise!
I see tactical covert teams forming of people who will release the power of praise in their schools, workplaces, families, local businesses, public places that absolutely know the power that they carry and when the sound of united praise is released things will shake and the atmospheres will shift! I’m reminded of the way the walls of Jericho came crashing down after the children of Israel cried out and spared not! In the same way the systems, patterns of this world and the demonic forces will come crashing down as the kingdom of our God displaces the kingdom of darkness! It’s time for the kingdoms of this world to become the kingdoms of our Lord and of His Christ..(Rev. 11:15) Get ready for the sound of praise to erupt in the earth!